Sunday, June 26, 2011

Water and Wild Horses

 I love the ocean. I love wild horses. Therefore Shackleford Island is amazing :)
Me encanta el océano. Y también me encanta los caballos libres. ¡La isla de Shackleford es increíble!

I took what seems like a hundred pictures to get a few good shots. At least I'm persistent!
Les saco muchos fotos y tengo un poquito de fotos buenos.  ¡Por lo menos soy muy persistente!

These are photos of the wild horses, and although they are wild they are actually very used to human presence.  They didn't even seem to notice me and walked past without giving it a second thought.
Gracias a Díos, los caballos no me dolieron porque ellos no tienen miedo de los humanos.

Anyways, there were other things on the island that interested me too.
Estaba muchos otras cosas que me interese tambien.



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