Sunday, October 24, 2010

Se nota...

Highlights of this weekend:
  • Watching The Caddy with my one and only. 
  • Having my best friend visit!
  • Buying a ukulele.
  • Playing the ukulele.
  • Setting off the fire alarm.
  • Food.

A few friends, Kurt, and I found out the hard way that cooking chicken is not such a good idea in an on-campus apartment.

Our plan was to cook some amazing jerk chicken for dinner. It was going to be soaked in delicious pineapple salsa and a sauce. Mmm mm mm.

Well before it was even close to being finished, the chicken started to smoke a little bit.  It was fine for a while, but before we knew it the whole thing had gotten out of hand.  The smoke kept piling up on the ceiling and, despite my feeble attempts to get it flowing out of the windows, the fire alarm went off.
Now at home this would not have been a big deal, since you can probably turn the fire alarm off, but on campus it means that the police and the firetrucks are required to come


I don't really work well under pressure, such as an unnecessarily loud fire alarm, so I could not find my student ID. I gave up and grabbed a jacket and my shoes and ran out the door.  Once we were all outside, we realized that none of us could get back in because I didn't have my ID.
The police were inside and we were outside unable to explain ourselves!

The firemen came all suited up to fight the oh so nasty non-existent fire, if only we could have served them a delicious chicken dinner instead :(

We have decided to only bake stuff from now on.
And my ears are still recovering from the terribly loud alarm.

Airlie Love

For my birthday Kurt and I explored the Airlie Gardens.

If I owned a house, I would want it to look just like this:

View from our front door

It's a little piece of my childhood!

In a constant state of smiling

In a glass bottle

Oh come on I didn't think I was THAT scary...

A happy ending :)

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