Monday, September 27, 2010

A New Meaning to a Rainy Day

Not my photo, found on google images.

      I woke up to the crash of thunder and the sound of pouring rain... this must be what a hurricane would sound like. It was only 6:45 in the morning so I rolled over and fell back asleep, but not before sending out a drowsy wish for classes to be canceled. It was not a hurricane, mind you, merely a rainy day in Wilmington. The rainy days in Wilmington are unlike any that I have experienced anywhere else.
      I put on my boots and suited up with a raincoat and my umbrella. You would think that I was prepared for the rain, and I thought so too. I met my boyfriend outside to walk to class together like the cute couple we are. It was not raining at this point, just a slight drizzle. Nonetheless I open my umbrella in an attempt to save my good hair-do (of course the only day that my hair looks good is on a rainy day, wonderful).
"Why are you using your umbrella now? It's not even raining!" exclaimed my friend.
"Well, I kind of want to keep my hair looking good," I replied knowing full well that it won't stay that way.
As soon as this exchange took place the clouds opened up and it began to pour down rain.
So you could say it was his fault for jinxing it. Or you could say it was mine for opening the umbrella.

Either way, we made it to Dunkin Donuts and by the time we left the streets were flooded.
Within about 2 minutes, we managed to have soaking socks.
Within about 2 hours the major intersections on campus were closed.
Within 4 hours the pond was about to overflow and the amphitheater was shin deep.
Have on a raincoat? Well, it just became a joke.
At this point rain boots are useless, the water is so high it will just make them into a nice homemade aquarium.
I hope you didn't carry anything of importance with you, such as laptops, books, or folders... because they are now thoroughly soaked.
Freshmen don't stand a chance.
I don't even stand a chance.

The sad thing about all of this? Classes go on as scheduled. The funny thing, they get canceled for 3 flakes of snow or a hurricane possibility (where it didn't rain a drop, maybe there was a slight breeze). But when a storm that manages to flood the campus comes along, the show must go on!

But despite all of this, I love Wilmington. Rain and all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Favor of Rachel

One of my best friends is an amazing singer/songwriter.  We started playing guitar together back in middle school and blossomed into music at the same time.  Although I love music just as much as her, I tend to play for fun and for myself (and not usually for an audience).  She, on the other had, has recently taken her playing to the next level.  What happens when you mix a talented person with a guitar and a beautiful voice?  
Well... you get Rachel Hall.

Just go to the iTunes store and type in Rachel Hall. The song is Patience.

Patience by Rachel Hall
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