Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hummus / WIAW

I'm SOO excited right now because I finally made something that I have been dying to make for a very long time... a bowl full of delicious hummus.  I know, it's not really thaaat big of a deal, but every girl has her dreams and goals right?? Mine just happened to be "make some hummus."  
I love to eat Middle Eastern food, I love Arabic (I'm in the process of learning), and I love to cook.... so basically hummus is a necessity in my life. Yes I know, I'm a wanna-be, but at least I'll admitted it :)

Here is the recipe.

Thank you Nada at One Arab Vegan for making this possible, you are my hero :)

I'm linking up to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) over at Peas and Crayons. You should join in as well!

Pan y Palta con Té (Bread and Avocado with Tea). My favorite!

A fruit smoothie for lunch on the go! I threw in some frozen fruit, a handful of almonds and walnuts, some raisins, honey, cinnamon, and soymilk.

Pasta shells stuffed with mushrooms and spinach baked in pasta sauce.
(And just to let you know, I definitely ate way more shells than I photographed here)

And that concludes my What I Ate Wednesday post.
In a few minutes I'm going to make myself some chai tea in order to settle in and finish my homework.

Que te vaya bien!

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  1. I love hummus and yours looks delicious. I love middle eastern food in general. If you are trying to learn Arabic, you will no doubt want to experiment with middle eastern cooking which is all very delicious.

  2. Lydia, I LOVE hummus! I will try this recipe for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

    And I like your dreams of hummus! A dream is a dream and a goal a goal, right? You dreamed of hummus and now you've obtained your goal in making it. Right on! :)



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