Sunday, January 22, 2012

Watercolored Journal DIY

It's been awhile since I posted a DIY tutorial for anything crafty and, honestly, I haven't made anything since then either. This finally changed the other day and I'm really excited to share a DIY with you!

It is my friend's birthday and she is a creative writer so I decorated a journal for her. 

Easy, quick, and beautiful!


  • Plain journal
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Water & paper towel for cleaning

Step 1:

      Decide how you want to decorate the journal. I sketched my ideas out on a scrap piece of paper and then I lightly sketched my final idea on the journal with a pencil.

Step 2:

      Begin to paint! For this journal, I painted the outline of a guitar that morphs into a wave.  Then I splattered the paper with watercolors and extra water then stood it upright to let the colors run down the page.

Step 3:

      Let it dry, this usually takes about 20-45 mins depending on the amount of moisture on the page.

Step 4:

      Since my friend is a writer, I painted a quote on the front that is by a very talented young writer/slam poet named Adam Gottlieb, "Poet breathe now because peace might depend on your piece."  The youtube video below is the piece where this quote came from, watch it... it is very inspiring!!

Step 5:

      This step is optional, but I decided to seal it with a few layers of polyurethane sealant, then mod podge, and then sealant again.  This will keep the decorations safe from any accidental water spills!

Now fill the journal with your thoughts and memories :)

Adam Gottlieb, "Poet Breathe Now":

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Que te vaya bien!


  1. Lydia, what a beautiful quote and a lovely journal for your friend. I love what you did and how innately creative it is. Absolutely awesome.
    - Christene Houston {Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat Sponsor}

  2. Love this!

    Natasha xx


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