Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hola a todos!

Feliz Año!! Happy New Year!! I hope yours was great! I was fortunate enough to spend mine with a best friend in one of the most beautiful places in South America... Viña del Mar, Chile.

Our spot overlooked the whole coast.  The closest fireworks were in Viña del Mar and the others are further down coast in Valparaíso and beyond. What an amazing night!

New Years in South America is quite an adventure.  The people crowd the streets and dance until the sun comes up.  The party that I was at served us dinner, had an open bar, and played music that lasted throughout the night. People of all ages celebrated the new year, from children to grandparents, and all were on the dance floor literally dancing the night away.

The aftermath of Año Nuevo littered the streets the following days. Confetti, broken bottles, cigarette butts, etc. 

Beauty can be found everywhere, even among the litter!

It was a night that I will never forget. 

Every year it is necessary to make a New Years Resolution.  Mine is to be completely vegan, not just for the year but for my whole life.  Over the past few months I have been educating myself and experimenting with different foods and so now I feel that I am fully prepared to embark on this journey! 

I intend to keep you all updated on my progress with photos and recipes of all the delicious foods that I eat, maybe I will even inspire some of you to take the same steps that I have :)

Que te vaya bien! Feliz Año!

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  1. Beautiful photographs! Celebration! Wonderful. Welcome back! :)


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