Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Watercolors DIY

      Lately I've been really into watercolors, hence the background of this blog (which has since changed).  I'm not good at making something look real, but that doesn't stop me from being creative.  I needed some inspiration for my most recent project so I made a small playlist that I can paint to.  It's amazing how music influences so much of my life

My Playlist:
  1. Downtown Song by Anberlin
  2. Life in Technicolor II by Coldplay
  3. Rainy Day by Coldplay
  4. Brightly Wound by Eisley (featured below)
  5. Pin Your Wings by Copeland
  6. Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
  7. Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson
  8. Bien o Mal by Julieta Venegas
  9. When You Were Young by The Killers
  10. Angel de Amor by Maná
  11. Beautiful Day by U2
  12. Kids by MGMT
  13. Everything is Alrighty by Motion City Soundtrack
  14. The Outsiders by Needtobreathe
  15. Coming Home by New Found Glory
  16. Hallelujah  by Paramore
  17. Sweet Honey by Slightly Stoopid
  18. Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot

See the DIY after the jump!!
Ver el DIY despues de la conexión que sigue!!

I love this easy and beautiful watercolor technique.
Me gusta mucho este técnica de acuarelas.

Step 1:
      Use a brush or sponge to make the paper wet (the whole paper or just pieces of it... whatever you feel like).
      Se usa un pincel o una esponja para mojar la hoja de acuarela.  Se puede mojar toda la hoja o solo partes, como querías!

Step 2:
      Then load another brush with color and simply touch the wet paper with the brush.  Suddenly the paper explodes with color!
      Ahora, se usa el pincel con color y simplemente se pone un toque de pintura al hoja.  De pronto, la hoja se explota con color!

Step 3:
      Repeat with other colors; mix and match, blend, be crazy, and don't even think about what you're doing. When you're finished let the paper dry.
      Se repite con los otros colores; se mezcla, se armoniz, y se está loco por los colores, no se piense mucho en está haciendo.  Cuando está terminar, se permite que seca la hoja.

 I thought this was watercolor paper... but it turned out to be for charcoal and chalk. Oh well, maybe the crinkle will look artsy?  I'm holding onto something that I always tell myself:
No matter what, it is going to look amazing in the end.

Step 4:
      After the paper is done drying, paint designs in black paint or write/do calligraphy with black ink.
      Despues de la hoja ha terminado secar, se pinta diseñas en pintura negra o blank, y se escribe con tinta negra.

This one is going to be a poster for my room.
Este va a estar un póster para mi cuarto:

"Music is the heart of life."

In case you're wondering, the decoration on the side is supposed to be a guitar. My mom thought it was a vase... but like I said earlier, I am horrible at making things look real.

Step 5:
      Frame it to keep or give away as a present!!
      Se enmarca para tener o se da para un regalo!!

    I also used this watercolor technique when I made these beautiful coasters.
    Tambien, yo usé éste técnica acuarela cuando yo hací éstos posavasos lindos!

    Pin It

    And also for this picture frame!
    Y también para esta pintura!

    See the DIY for the coaster project Here.
    Se puede ver el DIY para el proyecto de los posavaso Aquí (pero es en Inglés)

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    Tip Junkie handmade projects

    Que te vaya bien!


    1. Pretty watercolours! (spelled the Australian way :P )
      Love your selection in music - particularly that Anberlin is head of your list (my faaavourite band ever!) How excited are you about their soon-to-be-released album?!?

    2. Thank you! Anberlin is my absolute favorite too and I cannot wait for their new album!!!! Anything from them is always exciting :)

    3. i love that music poster. you should make me a watercolor for my dorm room!
      if you have time. =)


    4. I love the water colors! I actually have done that before. But that's as far as I can go. I can barely draw my breath, let alone a picture (hehe). Oh, and I live under a rock...I've never heard of Anberlin.

    5. That's ok imklvr! The amazing thing about art is you can do it at whatever skill lever you are :) and don't worry, you don't live under a rock! Anberlin isn't extremely well known, but they are a great band nonetheless!


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