Sunday, July 11, 2010

A day in Santiago

Santiago is a huge city, it's the capital of Chile and the center of political riots and marches. To us September 11 holds a lot of significance, but years before our September 11 was another bombing. This took place on September 11, 1973 in Santiago, Chile. The President's house was blown to bits. The democratic government was crushed by a dictatorship, the dictator was Augusto Pinochet. He was in power for a really long time after that. Televisions became extremely cheap in order to keep the people occupied in houses and not thinking for themselves, while books became extremely expensive so as to keep the people from learning and having knowledge.  An even sadder part is that the US actually helped Pinochet gain power.  Fortunately, the dictatorship toppled about 10 or 15 years ago so now the country is back to a normal political system.

Now to keep you from being depressed from that story, here are some pictures of the city!

The President's house

Carabinera (city police officer) with her awesome dog!

En El Museo Chileno Arte de Precolumbino
(Precolumbian art from South America)


The art of a contortionist

Men chewing on coca leaves

View from the top of Cerro San Cristóbal
The Virgin Mary sits on top of the mountain, looking over the city.

photo taken by my friend using my camera


photo taken by my friend using my camera

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  1. those mountains beat the pants off the mountains in boone.
    those look amazing.



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