Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you can't sleep... blog

Well my original plan for tonight was to sleep... but my chilean sister is having a party downstairs.  Now I can't because the music from downstairs, which is not loud, somehow becomes loud on its way up into my room.  So the only thing I can really do is blog! 

My most recent excursion was to the Ocoa National Park.  Hiking into this park was like stepping right into Jurassic Park!  I half expected a T-rex to come charging out of the forest at any moment.  It was so awesome because there were palm trees, cactus, and snow covered mountains all in the same place. 

"There's more to living than being alive with downcast eyes"

The palm trees were not actually palms.  They are a type of grass, which is insane to think about.  I imagined that I was an ant walking through a patch of grass (it's basically what we are in comparison to the magnificence of this world and universe anyways).

The views were absolutely breath taking.  Hills behind hills behind hills, all covered in green and maybe snow.  It was so difficult to follow the group and enjoy the scenery at the same time because the path was pretty tricky, one misstep would mean tumbling down into mud or rocks.

It happened to be raining the morning we left and I did not buy a poncho because I was lazy and just wanted to get home the day before.  It was ok though because I had my kind-of-rainjacket and an umbrella.  When we got to the park and all suited up I was kind of glad not to have a poncho...

they look just a little silly :)

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