Monday, July 26, 2010

Never Forget

I only have a few days left in Chile.  This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I am constantly thanking God for blessing me so much!  I have made so many great friends, I have another family, and I have survived in a Spanish speaking country!  The moments that I am most proud of myself are when I am able to sit down with my family and have an intelligent conversation, all in spanish (I'm just as proud if and when I can carry on a conversation in the market with a complete stranger).  Chile is now a part of my heart and I will return one day to share more of life here.  One month seemed to fly by, and yet I have done more things than I would normally do in one year!
 As a recap, I arrived and watched the world cup games Chile vs Spain, and Chile vs Brazil (all on tv of course), visited Chillán and went snowboarding in the Andes, visited Valparaiso, and Santiago.  I went horseback riding through sand dunes and galloping along the beach, found my love for Alpacas, and experienced Jurassic park (minus the dinosaurs).  I lived with a Chilean family, danced the night away, and learned to speak spanish.  I ate my heart's content of bread, paltas, empanadas, and tasted fine Chilean wine.  I saw sealions, penguins, and alpacas.
I may have frozen every night in the house without heat, but wouldn't trade it for the world.  

 Leaving for Chile
[photo taken by my sister]

 Art in Valpo

 Sunset in Santiago

 Sunrise in the Andes

 Canopy tour in the Andes.
[photo taken by a friend]

 Horse show at Puro Caballo

 Cabalgata through sand dunes.
[photo taken by a friend]

 El gran asado despues

[not my photo] Wine tasting

 Sealions, lobos marinos

Amazing Alpacas

Palm tree and snow

Jurassic Park

Amor de la Luna

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