Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wild Flowers

This is day 10 of Kim Klassen's 12 Days of Textures

Sometimes I get scared of what will happen in the future, only because I don't know what is going to happen.  Questions start running through my head and I slowly begin to panic.  During the moments when I lose sight of my path, God calms my worries and reminds me that He has a plan for my life.  His plan is better than anything that I could ever imagine and so I do not have to worry.  I hope that God speaks to you in a similar way, remember that He has a plan for your life too!

P.S. Due to the amount of dreamy and whimsical photos that I have been posting lately, I feel like I have to make a disclaimer:

I have an imaginary world where fairies and magic are my constant companion, but that world is only imaginary.  I also live in a real world; in this world I worship one God and I do not believe in fairies or magic.
I am a child of God and He created me to be creative. Through my creativity I do not want to accidentally promote something that I do not truly believe in. So this is my disclaimer!  It might not really be necessary but I felt a little bothered when I realized how I might have been coming off.

Que te vaya bien!

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  1. Wonderful processing, makes one want to take a whimsical romp through the meadow.

  2. So beautiful !
    Love these wild flowers and the subtle use of the texture !
    Nice evening,

  3. Beautiful, beautiful bokeh! And lovely, lovely, perfect processing! This is so pretty and sparkly and wonderful. Love it! :)


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