Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baked Black Bean Taquitos

A friend told me about this recipe a few days ago and I thought it sounded absolutely delicious.  Last night I made it for my friends and it turned out SO good!  So good that I made it again today for lunch... and I have leftovers for tomorrow as well.

If you're like me and only eat plants then this is perfect for you. All you have to do is cut out the cheese and sour cream from the recipe and replace them with a delicious fresh salsa.

If you're not already convinced to try these then maybe these photos will bully your stomach into hungriness!

The recipe only calls for a small amount of ingredients to fill the taquitos, but in reality you can throw anything you want into it. Last night they featured beans, bell peppers, corn, cilantro, onions, and even a few mushrooms.

In addition to everything I listed above, today I added a few tomatoes, spinach, and some salsa for the perfect kick.

As an appetizer I ate an amazing salad and I served the taquitos alongside some chips, salsa, and avocado.


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  1. YUM! Sounds like the perfect dinner to me right now.


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