Friday, July 22, 2011

Design Your Own Mirror DIY

      Ok so I did this project before I started blogging. I have been wanting to post it but I felt bad because I don't have any "during" pics, only the end product! Alas, today I encountered "Sugar and Spice in the Land of Balls and Sticks" where she does Throwback Thursdays in which you post projects that you did before blogging. It was just the inspiration that I needed to post this DIY  :)

See the DIY after the jump!
Very el DIY despues del conexión que viene!

What I'm listening to and you should too:

  1. Plain wooden mirror, available at AC Moore, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or your local flea market.  (Un espejo sencillo de madera.  Se puede comprar en las tiendas arriba.)
  2. Paint (acrylic) and paint brushes. (Pintura acrílico con pinceles.)
  3. Hand held sanding block, available at your local hardware store. (Un bloque pequño para lijar. Se puede comprar en una ferretería.)
  4. Hot Glue. (Goma Caliente.)
  5. Small hook-eyes, also available at your local hardware store. (Unos pequños ganchos de ojos. No sé el término exacto en Español. Hay picturas abajo.)
  6. Optional: Accessories to decorate, i.e. shells, glass rocks, string, etc.  (Opcional: Unas decoraciones, e.j. unas conchas, unas rocas cristales, cordel, etc.)

    Step 1:
          Paint it a color. Let dry. Paint it another color. Do not worry about the coats being thin, that's how you want them! Trust me :)
          Se pinta un color. Se deja secar.  Se pinta un otro color.  No se preocupe si las capas son delgado, así es como se le quiere! Tenga confianza en mi :)

    Step 2:
          After it is totally dry, sand the wood in any place that you like; the edges, the flat parts, wherever.
          Despues de la pintura seca, se lija la madera en alguna manera que se quiere.

    Step 3:
          Attach hook-eyes to the bottom, this is where you can hang necklaces and such!
          Se sujeta las gonchas al pie del espejo.  Aquí se puede poner collares y cuando quiere!

    Step 4:
          Hot glue any kind of accessory to the mirror to decorate! This step is optional, as the paint job is beautiful enough as it is.
          Se usa la goma caliente para sujetar unos decoraciones.  Es opcional porque el espejo está muy linda sin muchos cosas.

    Voila! Beauty :)
    Look there is an old ice tray that I now use for paint! I was just here talking about uses of old ice trays. Also over there in the corner, I promise I am not an alcoholic, I just really like to collect glass bottles of all sorts. You never know when you will need one for a good project!! I have one cooking up right now ;)

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    1. Love this! I love the rustic paint job. Thanks for sharing and linking up to my party.

    2. Thank you! I was very happy to participate in your party :)

    3. Well done on your project. Don't ever feel bad about posting when you haven't got a before or during photo. People do it all the time :-) Am glad you got some inspiration to post. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Perhaps some day you will get to Lake Baringo!

    4. Very pretty. I love what you did with it. Well done!


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