Friday, July 8, 2011


      Today is a wonderful day known as Friday!  It is a day full of freedom and excitement, especially for students like myself.  I think that yellow is an appropriate color to express the way that Fridays feel to me. :)
      Hoy es un día maravilloso porque es Viernes!  Es un día que es llenar con el libertad y entusiasmo, especialmente para los estudiantes como yo.  Creo que el color apropriado para representar Viernes es amarillo.

      Earlier I found myself prancing through rows and rows of books (I work at a library) and just enjoying the empty building by making it my own dance floor.  As I was skipping along, I happened across a book about J.R.R. Tolkien.  I love the books "The Lord of the Rings" but I really didn't know much about its famed author.  I sat down with this book and began to read.  As I read I realized how amazing this man was!  He lost both of his parents by the age of 12, but that did not quell his spirit or love of life and languages.
     Más temprano, me encontré bailar entre muchos libros (trabajo en una biblioteca) y estaba disfrutando el vacío del edificio.  Cuando estaba brincando, yo encontré un libro sobre J.R.R. Tolkien.  Me encantan los libros "The Lord of the Rings" pero no sabía mucho sobre su autor.  Se senté con el libro y empiecé leer.  En unos minutos, me di cuenta que éste hombre estaba muy muy increíble!  Sus padres se murió para cuando él tenía sólo 12 años, pero todos de esos no se cortó el espíritu o el amor de la vida y los lenguajes.

      As I skimmed through the book I began to feel a passionate burning well up within me, I call this feeling inspiration.   Like Tolkien, I too am in love with languages.  His unbridled passion for words/languages/life inspired me to pursue my passions with an even stronger ferver.  His story inspired me to never give up, even when I really feel like it.  Even when I really don't feel like going further.  When my studies become annoying and mundane, I must remember that it IS all for something!
      Mientras estaba leyendo el libro, empecé sentir un pasión muy fuerte en mi.  Se llamo el sentido inspiración.  Como Tolkien, me encanta lenguajes.  Él me inspiró bascar para mis pasiónes con un ardor más fuerte que antes.  No puedo abandonar mis proyectos, ni ahora ni jamás.  Cuando mis estudios son muy aburridos, es necesario que recuerde que todos es para algo!!!

      One day I want to be a linguist, an artist, a lover, a creator of all things pretty, and someone who sees the beautiful in life (I realize that even the strongest storms hold a tragic beauty).
       Un día quería ser un ligüista, un artista, un amante, un creadora de todas las cosas lindas, y alguien que pueda ver la vida hermosa  (hasta las tormentas fuertes tienen un belleza trágico).

      Tolkien's works capture me.  His life story inspires me.  And it has reminded me to rely on God for my strength and guidance, because He will fulfill my every desire!
       Las escrituras de Tolkien me capta.  La cuenta de su vida me inspira.  Y tambien le me recuerda que necesite tener confianza en Dios, porque Él tiene el fuerza y orientación que necesito.

What I'm listening to:

      There is always a new inspiration in my life. Who or what inspires you the most? Quien or Qué te inspira el más?


  1. Lydia, I love this post!

    As you know, I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan too. It's amazing to see how Tolkien can inspire both of us, in such different ways (you as a linguist, me as a writer).

    He (through his books, with characters like Frodo and Sam) inspired me to never give up as well. You asked me before who my favorite character was and I said I had to think about it (I do have a lot), but the more I think about it, I keep coming back to Frodo. Because he's kind to everyone, he's courageous, he's humble, he's willing to make sacrifices and he never gives up (well... except at the very end... but that wasn't him, that was the ring). He was my role model when I was younger and he probably still is, to an extent-minus the harry feet, and the drinking. :P

    On a different note, your pictures are beautiful, as always. Best of luck on achieving your dreams- it looks like you're on the right path :)

  2. I would have to agree with you, I think Frodo is my favorite too (next to Pippin, he has a love and curiosity for life that straddles stupidity... but I actually think that is admirable!). I have always loved Frodo though and I think that he will always be a role model for me, and one day my kids, then maybe one day their kids...


    Thank you for the compliments on the photos! And I know that you are definitely on the right path too, and thank you for inspiring me as well!


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