Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mosaic Breakfast Tray DIY

      Since I'm back, I've been posting 2 to 3 times a day.  I told you I was inspired and to be prepared because the floodgates have been opened!

      Technically I did this project for my mom for Christmas but I did not have a chance to put the tutorial on the blog until now.  Since I've been so busy posting, I figured "why not add one more thing and post this one too?"  And so here it is :)

Una bandeja mosaico para desayuno.

See the DIY after the jump!
Ver el DIY despues del conexion que viene!

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  • Wooden Breakfast Tray / Una bandeja morena para desayuno
  • Broken tile, ceramic, glass, dollar store glass rocks, etc / Pedazos de azulejo, cristal, rocas de cristal
  • E-600 Glue / Goma de E-600
  • Tile grout / La lechada
  • Spray Sealant / Sellador como polyeurothane

Step 1:
      Prep the tray.  If you bought it already painted then cool, you already have a major part done.  If you bought a plain tray from a craft store then paint it and decorate it however you want.
      Se prepara la bandeja.  Si necesita que lo limpie y si quiere se pintaria la bandeja.  Yo compre mi bandeja a TJ Max y no tenia pintarlo.

Step 2:
      Arrange the pieces of tile, ceramic, and/or glass in the way that you feel led. Go outside and use the E-600 glue to attatch the pieces, each piece only needs a small dab of this glue because it is very strong. You need to be outside because the glue stinks and needs a good flow of air to keep you healthy and safe!
      Se arregla los pedazos de los azulejos y cristal en una manera que quiere.  Se usa la goma de E-600 para sujetar los pedazos.  Necesita solo un toque de goma porque E-600 es muy fuerte.  Es necesario que usted se usa la goma afuera porque es tanto fuerte y es mal para respirar.

Step 3:
      Mix up the tile grout as directed on the box while you're waiting for the glue to dry. When the pieces are firmly in place, spread the grout over them and use your fingers to wedge it into every small nook and cranny. Wipe the extra grout away with a wet sponge while you work.
      Se mezcla la lechada como se directa en el carton mientras esta esperando para secar la goma.  Cuando los pedazos estan firmemente en su lugar, se extende la lachada sobre ellos y se usa los dedos para ponerla en los lugares pequenos entre las pedazos.  Se limpia las pedazos con una esponja mojado mientras esta trabajando.

Step 4:
      Wait for the grout to dry then spray a layer or two of sealant over it. This keeps it safe from anything that you might accidentally spill on the beautiful mosaic in the years to come :)
      Se espera para seca la lechada.  Cuando esta seco, se pulveriza la bandeja con unas capas de sellador para estar seguro que no va a hacer sucio en el futuro!

Step 5:
      Enjoy your beautiful and handmade mosaic breakfast tray!
      Se disfruta su hermosa bandeja para desayuno!!

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